Japan: Universal Data Resources Inc.

Universal Data Resources Inc. is a marketing and research agency which specialises in the current conditions and expected trends of overseas markets, leading industries, and government organisation. UDR’s services include investigation of overseas market entry joint-management and partners, market research for new business fields and markets, investigation of trends in market needs and demand, patent investigation, market differentiation analysis, and high technology research and development.

England: Aydon Consultants Group

Aydon Consultant Group is a London, England based consulting company with an international network with offices in 29 countries. ACG has extensive experience and successful projects in various areas including market entry strategy, market research, local office agent for international companies, assistance with finding joint-management and distribution partners, outsourcing of manufacturing, material sourcing proxy service, etc.

Singapore: Japan Network Consultants (s) Pte. Ltd. (JNC)

President Yanagisawa Yoshiki has over 20 years experience in the Singapore market, with contacts in Thailand and Malaysia as well. His clients include 25 companies listed on Japanese stock exchanges, and successes in consulting for over 300 client companies internationally.