[ Asia Expansion Support ]

We provide full-service support to businesses aiming for worldwide expansion using the ASEAN region as a base.

[ Preparatory Market Research ]

From early-stage business planning for demand analysis and initial costings, through to aspects such as partner and acquisition search, organization of inspection tours in Singapore, and selection of office and manufacturing locations our local staff will provide superior service for all your needs.

[ Company Creation and Registration ]

We can complete on your behalf all necessary procedures relating to company creation and registration in Singapore.
From document preparation through to application to the relevant authorities and translation our permanent Singapore staff work to prepare applications for structures such as local subsidiaries, branch offices, and representative offices in a timely manner.

[ Accounting and Financial Services ]

Not limited to preparation of local tax returns and audits, we can also provide rapid reporting of monthly statement of accounts to the parent company in Japanese and clarification of challenges facing the company in Singapore.

[ M&A Services]

M&A is one form that international expansion can take.
In a local environment where speed is important M&A is an extremely effective method of market entry where all necessary resources can be acquired at once.
Based in both Japan and Singapore, we are able to select companies the match your needs from a broad selection base.
In addition to the above, we also are able to provide service such as opening of bank accounts, real estate introductions, business matching, funding procurement support, and more.